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Journal 23/01/2017
Hello guys, Happy Monday wkwk

Well you know, a few days ago, I hung out with my friends from highschool. We went to cafe nearby. I ordered this greentea cheesecake.

It so yummy. It's really like heaven when I ate it. And now, I become really addicted with matcha. Then, I bought this matcha powder, I want to try homemade matcha though.
Btw, I made my tumblr-blog. I've posted my manga-reading list. So, if you have some free times just feel free to visit my tumblr.
I also update my DreamSelfy, but unforunately I forgot my accounts' pass * hikss, so I just made this character anonymously wkwk

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And here some Q and A from some random peoples
Do you still love anime or manga?
Yes, I do really like anime or manga
Do you have any recommendation for anime movie/ova?
Maybe 'Kimi no Nawa'- I really love the visual graphic

Then, maybe that's all for my journal, have a nice day and stay positive jaa~

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