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Journal 16/10/2016
Hello guys...
It's been for a while since my latest post. I've been very busy with my assigment in university. I have to do a lot of things. Since now I'm a university student I have to be independent.

But, there are things that I couldn't do it myself. Yeah sometimes, It just makes me tired when I pushed myself. My life is very different when I was a highschool student.
But, I'm bit happy that I've take new steps in the journey of my life. I still learning about how to be a good student.
Btw that's the things that I have to bring when I go to the campus wkwk. There are my note book, pencil case, color pencils, and stuff map. Actually there are still more stuff that I have to bring but I just couldn't post them. 

Well, since I've been busy, I rarely update my watching list or my reading list. I watch anime or read manga when I have a free time. I just finished watching ReLife, Kyoukai no rinne season 2, Orange, and also Kimi no Nawa. 

Hmm maybe that's all about my story.

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