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Journal 29/06/14
Konnichiwa minna....
Huft...., finally summer camp is over. It was a hard time for me,I had to cook my own meal, though I'm not good at cooking, but I think it was a wonderful moment.I could laugh together with my beloved friends and had fun together.
And now, it's time for summer break. Though I have many homework to do. Today, I spent my day at my room. I just played some games on my pc, finished my work, watching anime, and read other blog.

And here my watch list for spring seasons....
Actually, I'm still watching some other anime, but I haven't finish them all. 
Btw, I was browsing desktop wallpaper and I found a lovely pink wallpaper so, I changed my desktop wallpaper. Here is the pic

 Okay, maybe that's all my activities for today, ....see you next time

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