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Summer Time: Rune of Factory : A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Oyasumi minna-san,

This night I want to post about Rune of Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. I really like this game. I spent most of my time to play this game. Ho...ho...maybe I gonna be crazy with this game. And I really love the opening theme of this game.
Just check it out.

Rune by 'Lil English Lyrics
Fly down to me
In the far downer rain
bigger to chance
to the figure five
the day can miracle
my inner faith
there are ever breath know
Fly i could see the light
and hold the world
Dear edge came through adjourn

Remember straight this way I'm feelin'

In the wind it's on my side
I'll live tomorrow
till this day
just about the words of love
To the
Looooooooooong the rhythm
oh it melts the mouth
we'll take you and fly there 
Like a winner bro
mill a boat across the rough
Their just all within my girl of love
you can count on heavy heart
for when the time to fly like I'm dreaming
now we'll peak of your today
lift oh the rhythm till it feels
lets make a wish on this turn
there's a dream we'll give a go
Fall with us....
i just want a picture of our future
Just want to imagine to fly with you
For doubt a mirror girl
i hag and joy oh happiness
No whisper in my ear
fly down to me
you wont fall fear from all the fear
like a shy
this fall is happening
will set me free
like right in my heart
wanna hundred flys
and it
Faaaiiith become of me
in a dream
for why the hundred voice chose me
a wish was my heart
turn the light

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