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~Liebster Award
I got this awar from Vanessa. Thank you very much....
Ok, This is 11 things about me

I'm a shy person
I like eating oreo
I will go to Japan someday
I like doing my homework
I love photograph, editing and drawing
I love writing my journal on my blog
I have a pet (hamster), named Aiko
I hate darkness
I love rainbow
My favorite boyband is Super Junior
I always cleaning my bedroom everyday ><

1.What song is played on your phone/mp3/laptop last time?
 ~ Futari No Jitensha~AKB 48
2.What's the worst part of being fangirl/boy?
~ A bullying from haters
3.Western music VS Asian music, what will you choose?
~I choose both of them, cuz I like both of  them
4.What's the last thing you buy?
~ I bought a pink dress last week
5. Are you a type of person who save your idol photos in your phone/laptop? Who is it?
~Yes. Sometimes I save AKB 48's members or Super Junior on my laptop.
6. Do you love watching sport program? What sport?
~Yes, but not to much. Usually I watch football match
7.What magazine you buy regularly?
~Actually, I don't like reading magazine. But sometimes I buy K-pop magazine.
8.Who's your favorite singer/group?
~I love AKB 48 and Super Junior
9.How many music albums do you have?
~ I dont't know, because it too much and i never count it.
10.What's your favorite shoes to wear?
~I love casual shoes
11.How long have you been blogging?
~It's about 2 years

This is my qustion

  • Who is your inspiration?
  • Who is your Idol?
  • Who is your favorite girlband/boyband?
  • What is your favorite novel?
  • Do you have a wishing in this year? Tell me about it!
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What is your favorite video game?
  • Have you got bullying from a hater?
  • What is your favorite month? Why?
  • Do you want to be a mangaka someday?
  • If you want to go another country which one you choose Europe or Korea?

People who I tag
Manik, Rifda, Dhea, Imel, Pasya, Safri, Dila, Andin, Ami, Latifah, Fati


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