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Journal 13/06/2017
Hello guys, How are u??
I'ts been very long time since my latest update. I was very busy with my university life. I have to make a report regularly and that's really troublesome. So, I rarely update this blog. But, now today is the begining of summer holiday, yeeay.
Well, for this anime season I only update boruto, kyoukai no rinne season 3, sakurada reset. Since it's holiday I'll start updating more animes.
Btw, I just made new Imvu account *I just forgot my old account lol* so if u want to have a chat with me just add username applepinepink as ur friend.

Well maybe that's all for today, jaa ^^

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Journal 23/01/2017
Hello guys, Happy Monday wkwk

Well you know, a few days ago, I hung out with my friends from highschool. We went to cafe nearby. I ordered this greentea cheesecake.

It so yummy. It's really like heaven when I ate it. And now, I become really addicted with matcha. Then, I bought this matcha powder, I want to try homemade matcha though.
Btw, I made my tumblr-blog. I've posted my manga-reading list. So, if you have some free times just feel free to visit my tumblr.
I also update my DreamSelfy, but unforunately I forgot my accounts' pass * hikss, so I just made this character anonymously wkwk

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And here some Q and A from some random peoples
Do you still love anime or manga?
Yes, I do really like anime or manga
Do you have any recommendation for anime movie/ova?
Maybe 'Kimi no Nawa'- I really love the visual graphic

Then, maybe that's all for my journal, have a nice day and stay positive jaa~

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Journal 17/01/2017
Hello guys, happy loooong holliday *yay.
It's been very long time since my latest post. <(。_。)>Yeeay finally it's 2017 but I haven't said 'happy new year' for this blog, wkwkwk... *I was too busy with my holiday. Recently I was thinking to abandon this blog, but I just couldn't  do it wkwkwk. o͡͡͡͡͡͡╮(。>口<。)╭o͡͡͡͡͡͡ ᵑ৹! I've been very busy with my schedule and I rarely have some free time.

Since it's holiday, I spent it very well. I went out with my friends, read a lot of mangas, watched tv, played computer games. It has really been fun. ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

Btw guys I'm planning to live on my own, and I'll start moving next month. Well the place is close to my campus. My house is quite far from my campus, so it will be more easier for me. Well, I think it's better for me to become more independent. It's kinda sad to live by myself, *hikss but I hope everything gonna be okay. ( >д<)

Hmm maybe that's all about my journal. See ya...

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